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My journey in life has taken a lot of twists and turns and each one has taken me to where I am now!  Art was my college major, but I spent over 20 years in the IT industry and owned a corporate training company. I worked on the Space Shuttle and had a VIP invitation to the first Shuttle launch!  And . . . I like to talk, so I was a featured speaker at many industry and SBA conventions and conferences. 

After wearing heels, suits and dreaded pantyhose, I wanted to ditch them for jeans, so I dove head first into the art world.  After having my art evaluated by a fine art consultant, a great gallery selected my art and it all sold in a month.  I was on my way!  But I made a deal with myself - If I was able to create art for a living, I wanted to make people happy.  So I opt not to put my angst on canvas, but rather turn it into something positive!

In the past 25 years my art has been published as prints worldwide, sold in stores, galleries, used at fundraising events, and licensed onto over 20 retail products. I've been featured in the Festival Center of 8 Disney EPCOT Food & Wine or Flower & Garden Festivals, and in 2007 was the Flower & Garden Festival Poster Artist. I've been on PBS television several times and featured as an artist on FOX.  (Photos of all this are on my "Gallery of Stuff" page.)

In 2004 I was selected as an American Established Contemporary Expressionist Artist represented by a founding member of Sotheby's online art auctions.  I received the high honor of being a Listed Artist and am recorded in “Mayer’s International Auction Record”, Zurich, Switzerland. This book (sometimes called the "Dead Artist's Book" since Rembrandt, Picasso, etc. are in it) is used by international art collectors and museums.

The story of my Angels: They are dedicated to those who have died and left us with words of wisdom in a quote. Since art is not usually thrown away (ouch if it is!!!), the words live on in the artwork to be seen by current owners, viewers, and passed down through generations for new eyes to see.

Me and my best buddy, Rocco!

Me and my best buddy, Rocco!