Check me out on PBS "Artisodes"


A few years back I was published by a large company out of Canada - their artist's images are sold in print form all over the world.  Sometimes their artists are fortunate enough to have their images selected to be licensed onto all kinds of products, from tissue boxes to fine china.  I was one of those lucky artists and there's nothing so fun as seeing my art in stores and I was invited to sign products at the stores when I was able.  Here are some (not all) of the products my art was licensed onto. . . table tops, glass cutting boards, wine gift boxes, etc. - do you have any of them?

Have you seen the martini images on HGTV shows?  My art is in prints worldwide, on tabletops, on products and glass cutting boards . . . Fun!

For many years I was invited to paint and sell my artwork at the Disney World EPCOT Flower and Garden and Food and Wine Festivals.  It was such a fun time and Disney treated me wonderfully.  They also invited me to be part of their Art in the Garden weekends twice, and that was where I met the Highwaymen along with many other terrific artists.  The guests I met from all over the world while at EPCOT in their Festival Center, along with the Disney cast members, made a lasting and lovely impression on me.  I was chosen to paint the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival poster in 2007.

I love being on TV.  It's fun and when I was little my parents said I was a little actress.  I've never acted on television - just shown my art and also did a few pilots.  Here are some of the pictures of behind the scenes on two shows.  And most recently I was selected to be featured in a segment of the PBS television program "Artisodes" via UCF.  The segment focuses on my career as an artist.  Sure is fun!

I've also had my art used on some CD covers.  One of my favorites was used on the cover of "Cab Fab" the cabaret album from the FABULOUS ANDREA CANNY!  She is one of the most talented, hilarious, entertaining and wonderful actress singers on the face of this earth.  And if you don't believe me, here's the link to her website.  Check her out and don't miss a chance to see her in person if you can.  And if you can't - then buy the CD!

I am an artist that does gallery and museum shows, as well as charity and corporate events.  Here are a few photos of those  .  .  . and who am I talkng with in the last photo?